Anaheim, CA - August 10th 2016: Mary Poppins smiles at a young child as she leads a line of children in song and dance in front of Cinderella's castle during Disney's 60th Diamond Celebration.

Disneyland Annual Increases

The happiest place on Earth is becoming the most expensive! Well, maybe not on earth, but definetly in the amusement park world. Guests have enjoyed the benefits of the Disneyland Annual Passports since they were created in 1984. Over the years there have been gradual increases but just in the last couple years, the amount has gone through the roof! Lets take a look at the prices over the last 10 years.

So Cal Select

Blocks All weekends and most holidays and summer. As of November 2017, they did away with this pass which was priced at $469. For the holidays only, you can get in on the So Cal annual passport for a great price. Get it now because it will go away soon!

Deluxe AP

Includes most Sundays and blocks all Saturdays.

Signature AP, Plus AP and Premier

Some signature passes block the week of Christmas, but that is it! Parking is included along with other bells and whistles.


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