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University of Oregon Students Establish Gaza Solidarity Encampment, Demand Administrative Action

Over a hundred University of Oregon students established a camp on the Eugene campus last Monday, forming the “UO Gaza Solidarity Encampment” to show their support for Palestinians in Gaza and to push university officials for action. This movement echoes similar protests at numerous other universities nationwide, such as Columbia University and University of California, Los Angeles. To date, more than 500 arrests have been made at college protests, as per a USA TODAY analysis of media coverage.

Salem Khoury, a freshman and leader of the UO Students for Justice in Palestine, described the encampment as a means to internally solidify and externally amplify their goals. He emphasized the importance of their visible presence on campus. Set up early Monday, this “liberated zone” represents a step up from previous actions, following a series of demands made to the university’s administration. These demands include safeguarding outspoken students and staff, withdrawing investments from companies supporting Israel, and providing educational resources on Gaza’s history and current issues.

Reportedly, Gaza has seen over 34,000 fatalities since Israel launched an incursion following a deadly Hamas attack on October 7, which resulted in nearly 1,200 deaths in Israel. The encampment is spearheaded by multiple student groups forming the “UO Palestine Coalition.”

Khoury sees the encampment not just as an escalation in their protests but also as a call to action. Despite being open to media discussions, many participants chose to remain anonymous to avoid harassment. Khoury expressed that the initiative has renewed his hope and restored some of his faith in humanity.

The students have presented UO with several demands, including divesting $2.8 billion from weapons manufacturers, initiating a boycott and sanctions campaign, ensuring the safety of Palestinian, Jewish, Arab, and Muslim community members, condemning actions against Palestinians, protecting the rights of those who express support for Palestine, educating about the Israeli occupation, and severing academic ties with Israeli institutions.

Khoury mentioned that their last discussion with university administration was in mid-April, and despite promises, no substantive action has followed. The group had originally given a two-week ultimatum for their demands to be met, ending May 2.

The encampment, established on the Knight Library Lawn with around 30 tents by mid-morning, included signs supporting Gaza and advocating for a free Palestine. The group also styled the protest as a “student intifada,” meaning resistance in Arabic, and created an onboarding area for new participants.

On Monday, a group named the “Ceasefire Choir” demonstrated around the encampment, promoting the message of liberation from Palestine to Oregon. Khoury stated there is no set end date for the encampment, asserting their commitment to maintaining presence and voicing their demands until they are met.

In response, UO affirmed its support for free speech and peaceful protests but highlighted its code of conduct and reminded students of potential consequences of policy violations. The university also pointed to the risks of heightened tensions and potential disruptions from outside demonstrators. University officials promised to stay engaged and focused on ensuring student safety, while closely monitoring the situation.

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