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8 Types of Motorcycles You Should Know About

New to the biking world? Have a plethora of motorcycle options but don’t know what to choose from? Don’t worry, we got you! Motorcycles and bikes are more than just vehicles that get you around if you’re an enthusiast or want to be one. Besides your standard bikes, the different motorcycles are designed and built with a specific purpose in mind. Although some of them might seem appealing to you at first glance, they wouldn’t be the right fit for your purpose and usage.

So, in this article, we’ve given a comprehensive overview of the different types of motorcycles you’ll see on the road, along with why/how they are used. We’ve simplified it for you, so fret not. You’ll easily cruise through the article and get a good idea about what you need.

1. Standard Motorcycles
Standard motorcycles are the most basic bikes for your everyday, all-purpose usage. It has good mileage and decent power and gets you around town for work, chores, and more. You can even take it out for longer distances once in a while to relish a break from the monotony of life. These will allow you to sit in an upright position, and its foot pegs are installed semi-forward with handlebars in place to ensure you don’t have to bend forward. It’s something most people go for who don’t intend to use it for anything more.

2. Sports Bikes
Sports bikes from the get-go are designed for people who like the best in terms of power, speed, and agility. Right from concept to the final build, these bikes ensure you get the best sporting experience on the streets. Hence, you’ll find higher seats, foot pegs installed in the rear position, impeccable horsepower, better torque, lighter materials, and more. While you can get bikes of various kinds in this category, if you’re a newbie, it’s better to go for a small-engined bike, as the learning curve is relatively easy.

3. Adventure Bikes
Adventure bikes are meant for off-roading and difficult trails. If you go through a myriad of difficult terrains, these are the ones for you. They give you the grip and wheels that are similar to a dirt bike while also providing the comfort you’ll need while riding through the trails. The foot pegs and the handlebars are installed such that you can shift positions – leaning forward, sitting upright, raising yourself, and more.

4. Café Racers and Scramblers
Café racers and scramblers are specialized standard bikes. While the former is bolstered with features akin to sports bikes, the latter is more synonymous with dirt bikes. Café racers can be considered modded versions of standard bikes with higher horsepower and better aerodynamic design, and scramblers are meant for slightly rough terrains. They are perfectly balanced for people who use them not only as a commute vehicle but also for their mini adventures.

5. Touring Motorbikes
As the name suggests, touring motorbikes are for long-distance road trips you and a potential partner would take through the country. Here, endurance and comfort are given more importance than agility. Precisely why you would see touring bikes with a front that can tear through the wind, lower seats, comfortable handlebars, and footpeg positions. Above and beyond this, you’ll also get sufficient cargo space for yourself and your potential partner.

6. Sports Touring Motorcycles
A balance of sports and touring designs will give you a bike you can ride for long-distance trips at an optimal speed while racing through your favorite stretches. However, it is also important to note that these types of bikes are more inclined toward the sports category, and the endurance/comfort would be relatively lower than the previous category. Moreover, the cargo space in this would also be slightly less.

7. Cruisers
Cruisers are a broad category that has different styles and variations designed for a diverse spectrum of riders. Although the standard cruiser has low seats, comfortable handlebars, and semi-forward footpegs, there are others with long handlebars, forward footpegs, and more. It balances several aspects of riding, and you can take quite a bit of time to select one that suits you best in this category.

8. Enduro and Dual-Sport Motorcycles
Last but definitely not least, enduro and dual-sport motorcycles are the closest to dirt bikes, which cannot be legally driven on the roads. These are slender, with narrow seats and thinner wheels. These are perfect for short off-roading trails; you can ride them on the road, too. However, for long distances, the narrow seats might not be comfortable unless you’re going through a long-winding trail with numerous sharp curves.

So, these are the 8 types of bikes and motorcycles you can choose from. Consider this your initiation into the world of two-wheelers. You can delve deeper based on your interest and get the bike that suits you best! If you happen to get injured in a motorcycle accident, contact a Honolulu motorcycle accident lawyer.


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