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California Is Burning Right Before Our Eyes

Spreading across The Great Golden State, wildfires have burnt a total of 726,329 acres and some. It’s been over 20 years since natures scorching flames have burnt the amount of acres that 2018 has thus far seen. The Mendocino fire is on record as the largest in California history. As of now, these fires have caused evacuations of 36,000 residents and damaging or destroying 2,139 structures.

On Aug 8th to current, more than 14,000 firefighters have been working effortlessly to fight these fires night and day. If you were to take the geographical land area of Los Angeles (which is 1,171 square miles) and double it, that is the damage done so far from these dangerously strong fires. Let’s look at a break down of each and the damage done:

  1. Mendocino Ranch Fire: 314,925 acres, 64% contained
  2. River Fire (Mendocino Complex): 48,920 acres and is now 100% contained
  3. Carr Fire: 211,038 acres and 67% contained
  4. Hat Fire: 1,900 acres and 85% contained
  5. Murphy Fire: 117 Acres and 98% contained
  6. Oak Fire: 16 acres, and is 80% contained
  7. Donnell Fire: 28,792 acres and 25% contained
  8. Ferguson Fire: 96,810 acres and 87% contained
  9. Hirz Fire: 7,321 acres and 5% contained
  10. Natchez Fire: 15,940 acres and 55% contained
  11. Lions Fire: 10,004 acres and 70% contained
  12. Gulch Fire:650 acres, now 100% contained
  13. Georges Fire: 2,883 acres and 42% contained
  14. Valley Fire: 1,348 acres and 29% contained
  15. Holy Fire: 22,986 acres and 72% contained
  16. Cranston Fire: 13,139 acres – 100% contained
  17. Cloverdale Fire: 100 acres and 65% contained
  18. Rangeland Fire:250 acres, 100% contained

For more information, visit The US Fire Administration

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