Fontana Electric Buses

Fontana Unified school district added two electric, zero emission school buses to their fleet. Their goal is wanting to help reduce air pollution and lower transportation energy costs. They received all of their funding through local and state agencies. Along with sixteen other school districts in Southern California, Fontana was among them, not only receiving the two buses. In addition, they received two electric vehicle charging stations. The buses that the district now carries can transport a maximum of 72 passengers and also travel 100-120 miles on a full charge, depending on where they are going.

Lisa Woon, a principal manager from SoCal Edison told abc7 that “the school districts and the students that will be benefiting from the grant live in areas that have some of the worst air quality in the state of California.”

Fontana’s Unified Superintendent Randal S. Bassett said that he was very excited to help the environment become a better place, therefore launching the District positively forward. He also thanked the local and state agencies for making it all possible. Bassett is hopeful that these buses will aide in creating a better, brighter, and overall cleaner future for all of the students in the Fontana area.

Funding was made possible by the California Air Resources Board’s Hybrid and Zero Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project, Southern California Edison, the South Coast Air Quality Management District, and the California Environmental Protection Agency. The Blue Bird buses will elongate the life of the brakes, reduce the cost of normal regulatory things, like fuel, transmission fluid, and oil, and overall reduce exposure to smog-forming pollution. This will ultimately help elongate the life of the children in Fontana, and other surrounding areas, not to mention the environment altogether.

Other cool features on the blue birds are wider, more spacious aisles. Normal buses contain 12 inch aisles, while the new and improved ones feature 18 inch aisles, with 6 extra inches of comfortability. In addition, the birds require the new electric motors, which provides a calm, quiet, and serene ride without the noise of the old, gas powered engines. The buses will require charging after morning rounds, and overnight when the buses will not be in use.

Alongside all of the positives for the children, these buses will also immensely help the district. It is proposed that the electric buses cost 25 percent of what your normal, traditional diesel bus costs, including gas and consistent maintenance.

According to reliable sources, Fontana Unified School District received additional support, with a 75,000 grant from Edison. They have been offered technical assistance with installing the new, electric charging stations and all further assistance with account management services. SoCal Edison not only had plans for Fontana’s school district, but plans to also extend help across other districts, in hopes of more schools switching to electric buses.

Since electric buses must be charged, this will help prevent gas fueled buses from breaking down on their normal, everyday routes. If a bus breaks down, it could cause serious accidents and in turn, harm the children, or other passengers in the surrounding cars involved. To prevent this from happening, it would be wise to switch all school buses to the electric type. Accidents happen everyday, especially concerning school buses. If you or a loved on has been affected in a gas fueled, school bus accident, Banner Law can help. Their Fontana Car Accident Lawyer is well versed in all kinds of accidents. He has diligently worked to get his clients the results that they deserve. Banner will not rest until justice is served and people are safe. Call (909) 681-1622 to request a free consultation today. You will not be disappointed!


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