6 Best Santa Maria Bike Trails For Every Skill Level

With stunning beaches, vibrant vineyards, and picturesque landscapes, Santa Maria is no less than a paradise for travelers. And the best way to discover the beautiful secrets of the location is on a bike.

Santa Maria has numerous trails that are sure to live up to your expectations. From easy, casual rides with family or friends to more intense, challenging trails, this place will never disappoint you with the variety it offers.

If you are unsure of where to start exploring, here are a few vibrant trails that will make you fall in love with the place every time.

Old Town Orcutt

The Old Town Orcutt trail is perfect for a casual ride as the downtown roads are bike-friendly and mostly uncongested. There are numerous local restaurants, boutiques, tasting rooms, etc, that you can check out in this route for a taste of the city’s culture. The Core Wine Company is another must-visit attraction along this route!

Santa Maria River Levee Trail

The Santa Maria River Levee Trail is perfect if you want a longer ride to explore the city. Spanning three miles along the bank of the Santa Maria River, this easy trail is best suited for family trips with smaller children. The trail is almost free from any traffic and offers some really majestic views.

Foxen Canyon Wine Trail

The Foxen Canyon Wine Trail is the route you need to take if you want to satisfy the explorer within you. Spanning around 30 miles, this stretch will take you through miles of beautiful vineyards and several wineries. With several roads branching off into different directions, this route has much in store for adventurous souls.

Orcutt Hill

If you love mountain biking, the Orcutt Hill trail won’t disappoint you! This route is equally suitable for solo riders, groups, and families looking for a bit of adventure. It offers varying degrees of difficulty, making it the go-to trail for a fully customized experience.

Waller Park

Waller park is great for families looking for a safe yet picturesque route for cycling. With lots of easy and safe trails within the park and its surroundings, this is a perfect place for inquisitive children. Waller Park is great for picnics, too. You can feed the ducks, play ball games, or simply sit and enjoy the view!

Old Orcutt Loop

If you want an intense and challenging ride, you can try cycling through the Old Orcutt Loop Trail. This beautiful route is almost 45 miles long and passes through the highway and the nearby Lompoc city before turning back to Orcutt.

Things To Keep In Mind

Cycling is fun, and it becomes more enjoyable when you go fully prepared for the activity. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you go on a ride:

  • Start early in the morning – You will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature in peace as there won’t be much traffic
  • Bring a bike that you are comfortable with – If the bike isn’t a good fit for you, you won’t be able to enjoy your journey to the fullest
  • Don’t forget to take safety precautions – Use a helmet and carry a bottle of water for your journey

Summing Up

Cycling on bike trails allows you to explore the wonderful views of a place. And with its sensational views and multiple bike trails, Santa Maria is perfect for people looking for a bit of adventure.

Accidents rarely happen on these trails, but in case you get into one, a bicycle accident lawyer can help you settle your claims with ease.


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