Creating Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

One hell of a ride – that’s precisely what 2020 has been. All we did was eat, sleep, wake up and lose our wits, all the while having been confined in our homes. But now that 2021 is here, you finally have something to look forward to. A year of fresh beginnings hope and well, can we leave resolutions out? You just can’t begin a new year without listing out a whole lot of resolutions, can you? But how many of us actually manage to keep to these resolutions all year? Very few of us, of course! So here’s a way out – instead of making complex resolutions, let’s make simple and rather sane resolutions that we can achieve easily, with a little effort every day. Let’s have a look at these resolutions:

Set A Work Schedule

The work-from-home culture is doing no good to anyone. People are glued to their laptops all day long, with no cap on the start and end time of their working hours. While 2020 was all about adjusting to this new norm, 2021 is when you can actually make the most of the work from home scenario. How? Simply set limits on the number of hours you work, so that it does not become a 24/7 affair.

Digital Detox

Who says digital detoxes have to be for a week or month? Especially when you can do them every day? When you’re done with your work, simply set aside all your gadgets. If setting them aside doesn’t help, hide them. Lock them in a drawer, away from sight. This will help you relax and rejuvenate, rather than mindlessly scrolling through your social media feed and tiring your brain over again!

Eat Healthily

No, we’re not asking you to have three healthy meals a day. For a start, begin with one healthy meal. Try incorporating all elements of a balanced diet in this meal. Once you begin noticing the difference one healthy meal brings into your life, you will be motivated to eat healthy round the clock, saving the cheat meals for special occasions.

Get Up And Moving

Workouts are great, but there will be days when you aren’t able to pick yourself for an intense workout session. On such days, when you don’t feel like working out, simply make an effort to move. Whether it is a short walk around your block or in your home, do it! Moving away from your workspace for short breaks will help refresh your mind, giving you some quality time off work.

Do Something Different

This one is totally up to you – whether you want to read 5 pages of a book, doodle, or indulge in origami, make a conscious effort to do something you love. Keep aside half an hour aside to do whatever relieves your stress. These fun tasks won’t really take up a lot of your time, but they will definitely leave you feeling energized and full of life. 2021 is the year when you have to prioritize yourself over everything else. This year it’s all about you – your health, your passions, your life. We hope, with this post, we’ve helped you make some substantial, but achievable goals towards creating a better version of yourself this year!


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